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September Adoration: The Heart of Christ, School of Love

Adapted and translated from "Adoracion Nocturna en el hogar, SS.CC.

Note for preparation: Put a little table in your room or place of prayer. On it place a crucifix or an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a lit candle and maybe flowers. During the times of silent prayer, you may play background music.

The following rhythm of adoration may be helpful for the individual in private adoration or the leader in group adoration. It is intended for an hour adoration so may be adapted for shorter periods of adoration. The leader’s guidance or comments should be brief. Times of praise, worship, thanksgiving, repentance may be substituted as appropriate

O God, come to my aid.

--Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit

--as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever. Amen. Alleluia.

Words to ponder

Contemplating a beautiful sunset fills our hearts with peace and calm

And inspires the presence of the Creator whose love also embraces us.

In the presence of this love we are drawn out of ourselves

Taken away by the presence of the Loved One in whom our lives are centered

When we contemplate the love of Christ, when we see his pierced Heart, we want to weep with gratitude, as Francis of Assisi wept before Christ crucified.

Jesus so loved us that he gave himself up to death for us.

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends, Jesus said, (Jn 15:13). How can we not love him who has loved us so much?



At sunset people suffering from many kinds of sickness were brought to Jesus. Laying his hands on each one, he healed them (Luke 4:40)


How blessed we are that the heart of Jesus is always open to welcome us.

How blessed we are that his hands are always extended in healing

Open hands, the hands of Jesus, the hands of the Healer.

The heart of One who loves us with an everlasting love

The heart of One who knocks at the door of our hearts

A heart that waits for our hearts to say “Come in”

Silence to adore.


In order to share our love with others in word or song, we need to believe in love and be grateful for this gift. This makes us awesome promoters of Love.

How great is the mercy of the Lord!

How great is the love of God!

How great is the God of Love!

He created me and is creating me,

because he loves me.

He enkindles and animates my heart,

because he loves me.

He gives me irresistible strength,

because He loves me.

He will give me a name forever,

because he loves me.

How great is the mercy of the Lord!

He wanted to become my brother,

because his love is everlasting.

He accompanied me as I walked and was my Way,

because his love is everlasting.

He made a covenant of friendship with me,

because his love is everlasting.

He sealed it with a banquet of bread and wine,

because his love is everlasting.

How great is the love of God!

He has healed my wounds and my transgressions,

for his mercy endures forever.

He bears the burden of my life,

for his mercy endures forever.

He dies for me in unending agony,

for his mercy endures forever.

He gave me refuge in his open Heart,

for his mercy endures forever.

He lives in me, giving me joy,

for his mercy endures forever.

How great is God of Love!

He gives me a big home with many brothers and sisters,

because He is love.

He offers me a banquet every day,

because He is love.

He assures me of eternal life,

because He is love.

He gives me the pledge of the Spirit,

because He is love.

He makes me a little less than the angels,

because He is love.

Silence for meditation.


If you want to proclaim the Gospel, you must first go out to people, and remind them that they are the beloved of God. You must go to all people, especially those who have strayed from God. Yes, especially those. God continues to love those who stray, like the lost sheep. God’s love sits like a beggar at the door of the one who has forgotten how to love. He is waiting, trying to find an opening to enter their hearts. Sin can wound the love people have for God, but it cannot diminish the love He has for them.

Silence for reflection.

Are your life, your actions, your prayers, your Masses, motivated by knowing that you are loved by God, or do you do these to gain merits to save yourself?

Does your love come from the love of the Heart of Christ? The answer comes from examining how you love others.


For all my relatives, that they may grow in the love of Christ....

For those who have offended me and for all those whom I have offended throughout my life....

For the poorest and most disadvantaged....

For all those who do not love or are not loved....

Add your own petitions………..

Our Father.

Closing Prayer.

Heart of Jesus, inflame our hearts in the fire of your love so that we may love others with the same love with which You love us.


May the Lord bless us, keep us from all evil and lead us to eternal life.


Closing Hymn (Your choice)

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