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Listening for that “whisper” from God in Adoration

“Contemplation is the highest expression of man’s intellectual and spiritual life. It is that life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It is spiritual wonder.”

In this way, Thomas Merton, Trappist scholar, author and spirituality guide began his famous work, New Seeds of Contemplation. Indeed, a contemplative way of life is not only for monks. Each of us needs to periodically cut away from the many demanding cries of our busy society, to embrace peace and solitude, to notice, to ponder (as did Mary of Nazareth), to take stock of where God in Christ, and I are at.

Time spent in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is useful for growth in the contemplative life. Silence and solitude have a way of bringing out what is hidden within oneself. Some of us have a hard time with silence, and fill it some noisy distraction. Adoration is difficult for a number of us modern Americans. But silence is a necessary element if we seek to be “alone with the alone”. Remember the story of Elijah covering his face at Mt. Horeb when he heard the whisper of God, and then entered the cave?

In Adoration, we listen for that “whisper” from God, which probably won’t be audible, but will emerge from within, and is a signal to respond, to enter in. It takes time and discipline, but if we give it time and discipline, we can enjoy a most beneficial Christian discipleship.

David Lupo, sscc

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