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Today the concept of Truth is evaporating before our eyes. Some say that people have become so in awe of the truth they only use it in emergencies!!!


What’s worse is that the people who are supposed to be the leaders of our societies are the most to blame. Truth has become what I want you to hear and not what actually took place. A notable English politician admitted, in a court case, that he had been “economical with the truth” even though he had sworn on the bible, “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God”! Might as well swear on a tabloid newspaper. In Biblical times, when people swore to tell the truth they held their genitals so as to say I am staking my future on what I am about to say!


When studying Moral Theology this topic on truth is dealt with under the concept of Veracity. It is a quality that encompasses truthfulness, accuracy, and reliability. It is a fundamental virtue in communication, emphasizing the commitment to conveying information with honesty and precision.

When someone is described as having veracity, it signifies their adherence to truth and their credibility in providing reliable information. Veracity is crucial in fostering trust within interpersonal relationships, professional settings, and broader societal contexts.


How do I view swearing on the bible – would it make a difference to what I would testify?


 Or has it just become an empty and meaningless ritual from the past?


We have excuses for everything; nothing is our fault anymore. The old chivalrous maxim “a man is his word” is dead. The demand was always to be upright. Why has truthfulness been eroded? Is it that God is becoming more and more irrelevant? If God is irrelevant, then truth goes out the window: even though you do not have to be a believer to be an upright and truthful person. However, the Peoples of the Book are “commanded” by God to be truthful, frank and upright.


Our use of the Truth has been so undermined that most who work in Human Resources do not even bother reading resumes because most of them are great works of fiction.


English author and journalist, Rebecca West writes:

Everyone realizes that one can believe little of what people say about each other, but it is not so widely realized that even less can one trust what people say about themselves.”

 How sad!


Truth exists

Only falsehood has to be invented.

Truth is spontaneous. Lies have to be thought up.




 How am I at living a truthful life?


Living the truth is more than just avoiding fibs. It means all my actions are geared to professing the truth in all things. How well do I live the truth?


Would I be counted as an upright and truthful person?


Is Truth something we actively must do?

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