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Enthronement Ceremony at the Booth's Home

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Written by: Joseph Booth

It was a pleasant day on October 7, 2021. Several of our friends and family gathered at our home to partake of the Enthronement Ceremony. Both Father David Lupo and Father Jeremy Sabugo were present with Ginny Shaughnessy and Elaine Herbert, two of our closest friends, and my brother Harry and sister-in-law Maryanne.

The ceremony started with Fr. David blessing our house, while Fr. Jeremy set up for the Mass that followed. It was a very special and captivating event. My wife, Jean and I, took part in the enthronement and found the experience to be spiritually uplifting! Our home has not been the same since, there is a special presence that was not there before!

When daily life become difficult, we sit and pray to the Sacred Heart and are able to face the challenges of life with renewed courage and conviction to God. Elaine Herbert, told me afterwards that she has attended several much large enthronements, but never one so spiritual!

After the mass we all shared a dinner of Lasagna, what else would we have with Fr. Lupo present! Our meal was a festive event with good conversation and food. We all became one family in the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a special bond that will last a lifetime.

Thank you, Jesus for bringing us together.

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