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Adoration for the Feast of St. Damien May 10, 2024

May 10th is St. Damien’s Feast Day; the readings that follow are reflections on some aspects of his spirituality especially his love of the Eucharist.


- O God, come to my aid

- Lord, make haste to help me


- Glory be to the Father...

- As it was in the beginning... Alleluia.


Hymn of your choice


“The political and journalistic world can boast of very few heroes who compare with Father Damien of Molokai. The Catholic Church, on the contrary, counts by the thousands those who, after the example of Fr. Damien, have devoted themselves to the victims of leprosy. It is worthwhile to look for the sources of such heroism T.N. Jagadisan's 1965 publication, “Mahatma Gandhi Answers the Challenge of Leprosy.”

Damien has a response to this observation: “Without the Blessed Sacrament a situation such as mine would be unbearable; but as I have our Lord close to me, I am always happy, and content and I work with enthusiasm for the happiness of my dear lepers”.

Pause for Reflection: In my dealings with my family and my Church community am I generous (heroic)? Is the Eucharist the source of my generosity? 

Prayer.  Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to labor and not to seek to rest, to give of myself and not ask for a reward except the reward of knowing that I am doing your will.


On the departure of his companion, Fr. Albert Montiton, and when his superiors forbade him to leave the island with the result that confession was impossible, Damien wrote to his brother Pamphile:

“I resign myself to Divine Providence and find my consolation in the only companion who does not abandon me: our divine Savior in the Eucharist.”

Prayer: Lord, help me to deepen my confidence in your presence in the Eucharist.


Damien showed fidelity to himself in the truest, deepest sense. He showed fidelity to his lepers, allowing nothing to hold him back from his mission of loving them and caring for them. He showed fidelity to the one true God, the God who is love. And he showed fidelity to our Congregation, despite suffering from lack of appreciation and neglect. On his death bed, he exclaimed with joy, “How sweet it is to die a child of the Sacred Hearts!” May we all live and die with such fidelity. Fr. Richard Lifrak, SSCC.

Pause for Reflection:

How do I show my fidelity to those in my care, to my family young and old and to the one true God, who is love?

Is there anything I need to ask St. Damien’s assistance for?


For all who suffer from serious illness…

For those who minister to the poor and abandoned…

For healing for all who suffer as a result of sexual abuse in their families…

For a deeper understanding of the mystery of the Eucharist for myself and the Catholic community…

For the guidance of the Holy Spirit for Church leaders…

Other petitions …

Prayer to St. Damien

Damien, our brother, intercede for us that we may have your fidelity to the God of love; our evangelizing responsibilities and to our Catholic community.


Final Blessing:

Song: Regina Caeli


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