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The National Enthronement Center of the Sacred Heart in the Home

Living the Enthronement

In a family dedicated to the heart of Jesus, the Enthronement is "the beginning of a new life, more intimate in faith, more fervent in charity."
- Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, ss.cc.
Founder of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home



Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home

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The National Enthronement Center
The National Enthronement Center

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

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Fr. Mateo Crawley, ss.cc.
Fr. Mateo Crawley, ss.cc.

Founder of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home.

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June is the month of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

In this month when we celebrate the hearts of Jesus and Mary it is good for us to return to them, to speak to them, heart to heart, presenting to them the impact that this pandemic situation and school killings are having on the families involved and on the people we know and on our world; entrusting to the Sacred Hearts our own fears, darkness, and desire to make ourselves available to the needs of the Church and of our world.


I invite you to dedicate this month to speaking to the hearts of Jesus and Mary, in our prayer of adoration and in reflecting on the Word of God during Mass. Let us do this with simplicity of heart, placing before them the faces and situations of people who have been entrusted to us or who we know. Let us not forget our brothers and sisters in our Church community, those we love well and those who are more difficult for us to accept. Let us pray to the Lord, “They are yours and you entrusted them to me and through them you wanted to accompany me and speak to me.” May our words to the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary become as simple and urgent as those of the beggars who ask for alms or bread. 

And may we know when we speak to the hearts of Jesus and Mary in our church or in our home, we are never there alone. We are there in the name of the whole Church and of all humanity, expressed in the names and faces we present to them or even in our silence and times of inertia. (Fr.Albert Toutin SS.CC. Superior General. Lightly adapted.)

A Litany to Sacred Heart of Jesus


After each invocation respond: 

R/ Make us grow in your friendship.

Heart of Jesus, reflection of the Father’s love. R/.

Heart of Jesus, bread of life that feeds us. R/.

Heart of Jesus, love without measure. R/.

Heart of Jesus, refuge of immigrants and homeless people. R/.

Heart of Jesus, medicine of the sick. R/.

Heart of Jesus, our hope in times of pandemic. R/.

Heart of Jesus, strength of the poor and oppressed. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who desires a humanity without racism. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who invites us to be instruments of your peace. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who wants us to take care of our Common Home. R/.

Heart of Jesus, joy of pilgrim women and men. R/.

Heart of Jesus, friend of children and the little ones. R/.

Heart of Jesus who transforms hearts of stone. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who wants Church that is a field hospital. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who gives us the Heart of Mary as a mother. R/.

Please feel free to add invocations that express our dialogue with the heart of Jesus.