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Welcome Everyone!

The National Enthronement Center of the Sacred Heart in the Home

Living the Enthronement

In a family dedicated to the heart of Jesus, the Enthronement is "the beginning of a new life, more intimate in faith, more fervent in charity."
- Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey,
Founder of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home



July's Adoration: Carried Away by Love

Reading from the Word: John 8:28-29.


"When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will understand that I am He, and that I do nothing of my own accord, but say only what the Father taught me. Moreover, he who sent me is with me, he has not left me alone, because I always do what pleases him."


A Litany to Sacred Heart of Jesus


After each invocation respond: 

R/ Make us grow in your friendship.

Heart of Jesus, reflection of the Father’s love. R/.

Heart of Jesus, bread of life that feeds us. R/.

Heart of Jesus, love without measure. R/.

Heart of Jesus, refuge of immigrants and homeless people. R/.

Heart of Jesus, medicine of the sick. R/.

Heart of Jesus, our hope in times of pandemic. R/.

Heart of Jesus, strength of the poor and oppressed. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who desires a humanity without racism. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who invites us to be instruments of your peace. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who wants us to take care of our Common Home. R/.

Heart of Jesus, joy of pilgrim women and men. R/.

Heart of Jesus, friend of children and the little ones. R/.

Heart of Jesus who transforms hearts of stone. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who wants Church that is a field hospital. R/.

Heart of Jesus, who gives us the Heart of Mary as a mother. R/.

Please feel free to add invocations that express our dialogue with the heart of Jesus. 

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