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Welcome to our product and materials page. Please browse through our many offerings. To purchase items from this store please order by the code attached. Orders may be placed at our email address You will receive an email confirmation and your order will be processed swiftly. Postage is not included in the cost and will be added. An invoice will be sent to you and then you can pay by check or by credit card by calling in your card information. A phone number will be provided on the invoice.

Informational Leaflets

Apostolate of Suffering  

The leaflet explains the apostolate founded by Fr. Mateo to enlist all who have physical or mental sufferings. Revised 2020 Code A of S Cost:


Act of Consecration of Family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM-LFT)

Enthronement promotion (REM)  

A remedy for fear, worry, confusion…

First Fridays  (FF)  

by Fr. Larkin Get a better understanding of First Friday .

Go Live the Mass (ITE)

After communion prayer and prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Letter to Catholic Mothers  (L-CM)

Leaflet encouraging Enthronement in the home from a mother.

Promoting the Enthronement in the Parish  (PEP)  

A guide for pastors and promoters.

Night Adoration in Home  (NAL)  

Explanatory folder on Night Adoration. Revised 2020.

What is the Enthronement  (WITE)  

An explanation of the Enthronement by Fr. Mateo Revised 2020

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