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Welcome to our product and materials page. Please browse through our many offerings. To purchase items from this store please order by the code attached. Orders may be placed at our email address You will receive an email confirmation and your order will be processed swiftly. Postage is not included in the cost and will be added. An invoice will be sent to you and then you can pay by check or by credit card by calling in your card information. A phone number will be provided on the invoice.

Books about the Enthronement

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

This book is by Fr. Francis Larkin, Complete pocket edition book on Enthronement, Night Adoration, all ceremonials, stories and many prayers. Paperback: 275 pages. Code: ESH  Cost:$11.95

Jesus King of Love

by Fr. Mateo, New revised edition on the spirit, nature, and origin of Enthronement and night adoration. Inspiring conferences on the Sacred Heart. Paperback: 200 pages. Code: JKL Cost: $11.95


The Firebrand

by Fr. Marcel Bocquet, Translated by Fr. Francis Larkin, Biography of Fr. Mateo Crawley Boevey, founder of the Enthronement ministry. 50 Photos. Paperback: 368 pages. Code: FIRE Cost: $9.95


Twenty Holy Hours

by Fr. Mateo for each First Friday and special occasions in dialogue form for home or church. Code: HH-20 Cost: $11.95

Family Covenant with God

by Fr. Columban Crotty, A concise, easy-to-read presentation on the Enthronement apostolate that helps fulfill the need for a strong commitment to Christ in Catholic families and an effective love and concern for all. It includes instructions for the preparation of and complete ceremonial for Enthronement in the home when a Mass is not possible. Paperback: 30pages. October 2020. Code: FCWG Cost: $4.95

The Answer For Families

by Dana R. Doyle Code: TAFF Cost: $9.95

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